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Hello, friend thanks for coming to this site you are in this right place and I will provide you all about this festival like holi best wallpapers, holi wallpapers and Holi hd wallpapers. Many ancient stories connect with this festival. In ancient time there was a king Hirankashyap he was a coarse king. He glads to Brahma for his tenacity and Had asked for a boon that was not possible at all to kill him.After getting this boon, he became mad and considered him as a god of the whole world and said to all the people that don’t worship another god only him. According to this theory, the son of Hirnykshipu a great devotee of Lord Vishnu himself Prahlad! Hirnykshipu after several threats left and continued devotion to Lord Vishnu, Prahlada worshiping Lord Vishnu was lost in all! Hirnykshipu to kill him, then he poisoned after eating nothing but Prahlad was the effect of the poison! Poison in the mouth as soon as it became nectar! After seen this, king again to kill him.He gave Prahlada to sit on the burning pyre. Hirnykshipu sister Holika was then called, he’ll go down in a pile to take Prahlad, why Bonfire of the Lord God had! God gave her the gift of a garment to put on the fire the flames are safe to enter and never burning. Holika burnt there, and Prahlada saved.Since then this day Hindus Holika is celebrated as the Day!

Happy Holi Wallpapers

Indian people celebrate lots of festivals because India is that country where all religious of people live together, so India has a lot of festivals and one the most festival is it. On this day people send each other holi cartoons wallpapers,holi wallpapers 2017 and holi gujiya wallpapers. It is the celebration of love and color. It is the festival of over evil. It is celebrated through Hindu religion because it is a Hindus religious festival. On this day people play lot forget the errors of all individuals celebrate it together. On this day people wear new clothes some people specially wears white clothes for play. They all are put gulal on each other face. Most of the people play with a watercolor water gun and water balloons .Especially children play with water balloons and water gun pickari. All are euphoric. On this day people play together eat together sing and dance together whether they rich or poor all are play equal. In this day women’s cook delicious food like Gujiya papad and lots of sweets.At evening people were new beautiful and creative dresses, go to a neighbor and relative or friends home exchange sweets and give wishes this day.

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So this is the second largest festival in India and people celebrate it with Panoply. So in this article, I will provide you holi background wallpapers, holi special wallpapers and wallpapers of happy holi, you can send it to your friends and families via mobiles and tablets. On this festival, you can also wish on your social media platform.

Holi Wallpapers Download Holi Wallpapers Download Holi Wallpapers Download


I wish I could tell you that thing what you want about this festival but whatever I have said is true. I hope you satisfied that thing what I have provided yo about happy holi wallpapers hd. Come again this site I will provide you much more about wallpapers of happy holi.You can Holi wallpapers free download and wish to all of your friends and family. Enjoy your day.

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